My latest project: cross stitch fireplace

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A while back, I saw an image on Pinterest of a pixel version of this fire and knew I had to cross stitch it--so I FINALLY got to it! It fits in our fireplace next to my fake log pillows that I love so much. After a lot of thinking and experimenting, I ended up using a large piece of black foam core and raffia in three colors. Here are some photos of the process: I recreated the pattern in PC Stitch, then used a silver Sharpie and ruler to make a grid of dots on the back. I mapped out the colors on the back so I'd know where to drill because I wanted to make sure I didn't make holes where there are plain black spaces. But of course I couldn't find a drill or an icepick, so I used a nail and hammer and a cutting board (which I kind of ruined). Once I got the grid holes made, I started stitching. All I had was a big plastic needle, which sucked! A metal needle would have been better. Then I kind of had to hold the foam core between my hands to stitch. It was like playing a harp...and it hurt my hands a LOT. Plus the raffia was kind of loud. But it's DONE! One project down, a million more to go... I'm looking forward to many fake-warm nights this winter. p.s. This isn't a pattern I'll be selling since it's not my original creation. I think it might even be from a video game, I'm not sure. I just wanted to share it with you in case it inspires you to do your own crazy thing! ;)

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