Meet the Genius behind Fine Art Squirrels: Cherie of Happy Sloth!

Posted by Julie or Chris Jackson on

Here's the scoop, right from Cherie:
"I am based in Melbourne Australia, where I work in the local fashion industry as a graphic artist. I work for a children's clothing company at the moment. I design textile prints, and t-shirt prints, mostly. I was a fashion design major at university. I have an English cocker spaniel named Milo. Animals feature in most of my designs, I'm a big animal lover.
My designs are very influenced by the Australian sense of humour - absurdism, irony, and dad jokes. Happy Sloth was started in 2018. I had been doing long hours at work, and I went on a vacation and designed my first pattern with pen and paper while sitting by a pool. It was refreshing to use my skills in a new way. Things are more high-tech now and I also have another graphic artist on staff now (Circe) which helps me keep pumping out lots of silly ideas. My patterns feature in 'Maybe Swearing Will Help', published by Weldon Owen last year." 
Once again, here are Cherie's amazing Fine Art Squirrels we're offering as kits in our pop-up shop that ends Sunday, May 12:

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