Introducing the mixed-media fiber art of Shannon Knowlton

Posted by Julie or Chris Jackson on

I’m so excited to introduce you to Shannon Knowlton, a mixed-media fiber artist in the San Francisco Bay area who uses cross-stitch to celebrate women of the past, present and future. 

I discovered her work on Instagram (the algorithm is working!) She has been featured in several publications. Her work has been juried into national exhibitions, and has collectors all over the world.

We are offering giclée prints of seven pieces from her series “The Girls” suitable for framing or send-able as cards. This series is a message of sisterhood: you are seen, you are heard, and you are not alone.

"My art is a celebration of women. Whether I am creating a mixed media piece about self-love, motherhood, or the ways in which women are marginalized, the common thread is that they are all female experiences. Additionally, I am interested in the mystical ties between women and nature, and you will see this inform my work.  Inspired by the recent challenges that American women face, I channel my feelings of frustration and hope into my art using papers, beads, and thread.

I weave my background in textiles into my mixed media pieces with my use of embroidery. In centuries past, while men congregated to the parlor to discuss important matters, women were relegated to drawing rooms to perform “women’s work”. My art is a reclamation. I use the very medium historically used to exclude women to empower women.

I find beauty and hope in this latest wave of sisterhood.  Art is a powerful route to illumination and growth, and I seek to enlighten others on the female experience. My wish is for observers of my art to connect with that hope and to feel seen."

Visit Shannon’s website to learn more about her past and her process. 

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