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Stitchin' in the Wilds of Alaska

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Meet Subversive Stitcher Kendra! She works as the fish ticket clerk at a salmon processing plant on Bristol Bay. She arrives in early May and works until about August 1. They process sockeye salmon, mostly for the domestic market and by mid-July she’d helped process just over 5 million pounds; last year they did about 8 million, a record year bay-wide.  Kendra says, “It is a crazy business, but I’m (mostly) glad to be part of this still thriving wild fishery!” Here are some photos of what it's like stitching out in the wilds of Alaska: My cabin—a 20’ container...

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Needlepoint and Cross Stitch

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Great article from Yahoo DIY today about Needlepoint here. You know, any of my patterns can be turned into needlepoint. For example, the two pillows above that Urban Outfitters produced a year or so ago -- these came from cross stitch designs of mine. You can always add more in the foreground if you don't want to stitch a lot of the same color background. Experiment, jazz it up! See what happens! And send me photos if you do. Happy New Year!

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