Subversive Sponges by FRED!

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Working with Fred is a such a dream I never would've even dared to dream--check out these AMAZING set of Subversive sponges they created! My mind is completely blown. They're one of my very favorite brands, they make the coolest stuff! The quality of these are SO nice, of course, because Fred is the best! There's a plastic GOLD frame (!) and the designs are actually STITCHED on each sponge! You get the frame and four sponges in a box, plus some suction cups if you want to put it on the edge of your sink, or on tile. Also, the frame has a little thing in the back that pulls out if you'd rather just set it on your counter. It's the perfect way to display your cleverness between chores. And it kinda makes doing dishes fun again! Get yours here, and stay tuned because we've got more Fred projects in the pipeline! Whoo-hoo!

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