Metallic Floss Made Easy

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asassaw Metallic thread is a notorious headache, but I have finally found a combination of things that makes it behave like regular thread. Here are my secrets. $$$ Try putting your metallic thread in the fridge before you stitch. I’m not entirely sure this helped, but it’s worth a try because I feel like it kind of did. $$$ Use a lot of Thread Heaven (or as I call it, Thread Lube). It’s a type of wax which will help your metallic thread glide smoother. $$$ I always pair a strand of metallic thread (I prefer this kind) with one strand of DMC six-strand cotton floss. It makes the path smoother by example and encourages the metallic strand to behave. $$$ The most important thing is the way you thread your needle. I learned this from Creative Poppy. In these images, I’m threading a needle with one strand of metallic and one strand of DMC cotton floss.
  1. Fold the two strands together and thread the folded part through the needle. Pull the threads through a little bit longer than your needle, making a loop.
  2. Put the tip of the needle through this loop and pull it through so that it forms a tiny knot at the end of the needle.
  3. This locks the floss on the needle and prevents the metallic thread from fraying. I swear, it works like magic. The metallic thread will behave like normal thread.
thread $$$ Lastly, don’t forget to iron it – see before and after photo below. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in uniformity, plus it cranks up the reflective quality! assssas

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