Pop-Up Shop: Fine Art Squirrels from Happy Sloth!

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It all started when I first saw this image:

You could have knocked me over with a feather! I mean—-look at that ingenuity and excellent pattern work! So I set out to find the kit because I just HAD to stitch it. But there WAS no kit, so I found the creator and struck up a conversation about possibly selling this as a kit. Lo and behold, it’s a SERIES!! So, in addition to “Squirrel With A Pearl Earring” (even the title gives me giggle fits) we are also offering kits for these:

“Squirrel Gothic”“Squirrel David” and “Squirrel Lisa”

I’m FLOORED and feel super lucky to be able to offer all four of these designs as full kits! How freakin’ clever are these and how well done? Cherie at Happy Sloth (I’ll be doing a blog post about her later this week) sells a variety of patterns, but she found that shipping kits from Australia is cost-prohibitive. So we found a way to kit them.

A big reason to buy these as kits is that they have larger fabric (two are in colors) and up to 20 colors (which would cost you at least $20). Instead, we’re including all the DMC floss on cards, sorted by color—and, of course, including every little thing you need to complete any or all squirrel(s) of your choosing! That means fabric, two needles, DMC floss sorted on cards, a bamboo hoop and charts both in color and in symbols.

So, how do you get your little skwerrly paws on one? From now until May 10 ONLY, you can PRE-ORDER any of these kits and they’ll go out Priority Mail to arrive at your door by the end of May latest (probably a bit earlier). These are a bit larger-scale than my kits—the largest size being 8 x 10” (“Squirrel Gothic”).

I’m so thrilled I thought of this and hope you are, too.

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