Who REALLY made this site happen

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I am not very technically talented... so it took a lot of help from my friends to make this website redo wackiness happen.
molly thornberg
The person who first reached out and said HELP ME HELP YOU is my dear friend Molly, who is the most talented person I know. She has just enough insanity, insomnia and ADD to come up with the feverish idea of how to make this happen. Molly writes for Babble and blogs as Digital Mom. And she has four kids, two of which are under two years old. I know, right? Insane. Also very inspirational, kind & hilarious. She and I used to work together and we would have uncontrollable giggle fits that actually stopped meetings in their tracks. Did I mention that she's insane?
Melanie deDon
After I wore Molly out, I was extremely lucky to have an angel drop onto the scene in the form of Melanie deDon. I know Melanie from the cross stitch world, though she of course has a bazillion talents beyond just crafts (oh, these modern gals today can do it all!) I've been a big fan of Melanie's Etsy shop, xmystitchesx, home of the best honey badger patterns and much more. Even though she's more of a knitter than a stitcher (or so she claims), I really love her eye for design and her ability to create new fonts to stitch (another talent I do not possess). She also knows how to kick some serious WordPress ass. She seriously saved my neck. Lastly, I want to sing the praises of the folks at Shopify, who have been patient, kind and understanding with my endless stream of questions as I learned a lot of new stuff. I literally could not have done it without them and their awesome technology.

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