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So, my Parisian sisters from another mother at Locher's and I had a giveaway on Facebook recently. I have to share some of my favorite responses from all you smart-alecks here. But first, enjoy the weekend sale at both of our sites by using the codes in the above graphic! Goes through Monday night at midnight CST. The winning answer to the question of why you should win the prize of a smattering of both our products (Locher's makes gorgeous clothes and jewelry with similar sentiments to ours) came from Lisa, who said: "I'm the most foul-mouthed, obscene person I know. And I'm a fucking lady." Lisa GETS it! But it was hard choosing just one -- here are my other three top favorite responses that made me LOL: Kerry: "I live in Utah. I would be delighted to win so my conservative neighbors will be at once repulsed by the words, yet compelled by the craftsmanship." Tammy: "the pills are no longer enough." Emilie: "because fuck you that's why!" I love how so many of you said you should win because you're the Queen of Fucking Everything--that's the spirit! There were so many other good ones, too: from teachers, vets in Iraq, people with birthdays coming up, so many in need of subversive humor. For your enjoyment, here's a selection: Andrew: "because i'm not a gal and that would be subversive. BOOM!" Sharon: "Because I'm fucking old!" Erica: "Because I stitch & sparkle in Brooklyn but my heart is in Paris..." Eve: "I think I should win because...well...I can't think anything clever but I need something to do in between my binge drinking!" Shana: "i love crafting and i hate people." Jules: "Pick me, cuz after losing half my body weight, I can finally fit into the awesome clothes sold by Locher's, and cuz SCS helped keep me sane while losing the weight." Rebekah: "I should win because I am recovering from an injury in Iraq and I can finally cross stitch again!" Katrina: "Pick me! Because I am pregnant with my first baby and I need something to alleviate this anxiety! Consider it medically necessary cross stitching." Emily: "Because I hated cross stitch until I found you!" Rachel: "Because I did my first sampler, a cutesy baby sampler full of cutesy cute animals and hearts, while watching seasons 2 and 3 of 'The Walking Dead', and it felt right." Maria: "Because I got mad abuelita cross stitch skills!" Desire: "Because I love you the most." Sarah: "Because profanity is the perfect accessory for a refined lady like myself!" Mary: "I deserve to win because I love the shock factor they give and it would give the ladies in my stitching group something new to talk about." Leah: "I love crafting and cross stitching was the first craft I learned. I use it to connect with my mom and grandmother...and then make them roll their eyes when I pull out gems like these." Thomas: "I should win this because I'm a dude that likes to crossstitch badass things." Monica: "I would love to win! I get my happies from stitching horrible things in cute ways because I haven't found a way to stitch cute things in horrible ways." Mari: "I should win so I can wear the 'I am your worst nightmare' in my classroom! (I teach high school kids)." Kate: "I actually want to win this for my 17 year old. Being brave enough to talk to the police about the most hideous things imaginable happening, and getting the guy who did it locked up so he can't hurt anyone else makes her Queen of Fuckin' Everything, and his worst nightmare all in one hit." Michele: "As a teacher and a cross stitcher, I feel a responsibility to ensure the next generation knows good snark. I will be their education." Sara: "Because I love cross stitch and have a fucking dirty mouth. I mean, fuck, easy choice." Val: "Because somewhere inside we are all subversive..." Natalya: "I would love to win because your 'Fuck Cancer' piece was a joy to put together for my late fiance and remained his mantra throughout treatments. Though he didn't win the war, the piece went with him to the grave as a lasting tribute to his attitude about the whole thing. I've continued to spread the snarky love and inspiration to others in his memory, and winning would just add to the love. Besides, who WOULDN'T want to win things this fantastically awesome??"

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