Stitchery Tape How-To

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FINALLY, a How-To about one of my favorite tools, Stitchery Tape! This is what makes your finished work lie perfectly flat forever. This transparent double coated adhesive tape is specifically designed for mounting stretched needlework to art boards, foam core, etc. (we sell 5x7" foam core boards if you need some.) Clear adhesive will not bleed through or damage fabrics. Acid free, archival quality. Safe for delicate fabrics. Roll is 1½" wide. Available in two lengths: 60 feet and 180 feet. Now, some HOT TIPS*: * Store your Stitchery Tape in a plastic bag when not in use. I dug an old one out of a drawer the other day and found that the dirt on the edges, while not visible to my eyes, showed up through a white mounted piece as dark lines. EW! Bag it up, yo? * Be sure to trim all loose threads from the back of your stitched piece BEFORE mounting or they may show through. * If your placement is off, you can peel the material from the mounting board and try again. Just don't do it too many times or it gets messy and you'll have to start over. * I usually iron the finished stitched piece before mounting but, if you're feeling lazy and getting out an ironing board is just TOO MUCH, you can get away without it if it's not too wrinkly. Just be sure to smooth from the center point of the piece outward.

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