Stitchalong with Bust magazine!

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I'm so super-stoked about this. Bust magazine is one of my favorite things and my long-time favorite magazine. Debbie Stoller is going to host a stitchalong of a piece I created featuring the amazing gals from Broad City and one of their snappy catchphrases. It's like a dream come true, all my favorite things! So go sign up for the Bust enews to be the first to know -- the stitchalong instructions and pattern will be posted at on Tuesday, March 17. Also, I put together a very simple supply pack in case you don't want to run to the craft store (I did, and hated it, and got an instant headache from the piles of fresh plastic bins - ow). You can get just the basics (material, needle, thread) for five bucks or add a hoop for two dollars more. Hope you'll join us, it'll be so much fun! Be sure to hashtag #buststitchalong to show us your progress.

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