Oh, that clever Dooce

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I was late-night reading while my husband slept and when I saw this and I almost screamed! I've known Heather Armstrong of dooce (virtually) for years, she even wrote the Foreword to my Kitty Wigs book. When my Subversive Cross Stitch Activity and Coloring book came out earlier this year, I just couldn't bring myself to send one to her because I know she gets SCADS of books and I hate asking friends to promote my stuff. But then she started this series about all the books she receives and donates to the library in SLC. So, I thought, Well, I'll just touch base and let her know what I'm up to, and if my four-letter-word-laced-book sneaks its way into a library in Utah, bonus! I also thought it would be funny to say I sent it so her kids could start practicing their curse words, I think I included a note claiming that as my purpose. Funny how life works out - read her post to hear about the morality shenanigans my book caused, it's pretty dang funny. Thanks so much, Heather, I'll be smiling about this for weeks.

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