How to add fringe to your piñata!

Posted by Julie or Chris Jackson on

How do you add fringe to your piñata? Very carefully. It might kick! 

These instructions are for the pattern for Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana. I decided to dress my piñata up with some fringe. Note: I made the same color fringe on top of my stitches, but you could also try using different colors (like pink fringe over yellow, blue over pink, etc.) If you do, send me photos!

First, I used two strands of floss and made little loops like this:

Next, I secured the loops with a backstitch on each square of the top row of that color. On the longer sections, I secured the loops as I went along. Whatever is easier for you is fine.

Then I sort of brushed the threads down with my needle.

Lastly, I trimmed the loops into fringe like this.

And, of course, the tail! I just made several loops on top of each other, stitched them in place with one backstitch and trimmed them to make a perky tail!

Check it out! 

Get your kit here and get to stitchin'! I hope you had fun with this one, I sure did!

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