Holiday Gift Guide

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Click on descriptions to go to each product page. Who's the best gift giver? YOU ARE! GIFTS FOR THE NEW STITCHER Someone you know NEEDS to learn how to cross stitch. They have a great sense of humor and maybe they need to relax. Our cross stitch starter kit with my best-selling book is the perfect gift and you can always add on extras depending on how generous you’re feeling: Things to add to sweeten the deal: Gingher Embroidery Scissors, fancy Subversive needle minder, Stitchery tape and mounting boards. And one of our signature gold frames to display their work! GIFTS FOR THE SEASONED STITCHER Got a crafty friend who’s already hip to cross stitch? Give them something that will wow them, something they’ll enjoy year-round. Here are a few suggestions: Full cone of DMC black floss! Might last a lifetime! $35 Needle minders are all the rage and our kitty cat needle minder is the cutest stitchin' pal. $8 World's first 3-D cross stitch kit (with glasses!): $22 GIFTS FOR MOM AND DAD Remind them to take their meds - Did You Take Your Meds Today? pouches: M $12 / L $18 Remind them that they don't have to be doormats for guests with this subtle kit: $14/$20 Remind them you would never, ever use a bad word with our Curses kit: $12/$20 GIFTS FOR YOUR BFF Snazzy Happy Fucking Holidays Guest Towel kit: $20 Combo Deluxe Kit and snazzy gold frame: $40 Super snazzy Happy Fucking Holiday T-shirt: $22 GIFTS FOR THE COOLEST BABY ON THE BLOCK Ev'ry Day I'm Hustlin' Baby Booties kit: $20 Welcome Tiny Overlord Cross Stitch kit: $14 / $20 Bootylicious Baby Booties kit: $20 GIFTS FOR THE ACTIVIST Gear up for the midterms with our 2018: Change Is Coming tiny frame kit: $15 Inspiration from Stephane Hessel - To Create Is To Resist kit: $14 / $20 Treason's Greetings kit: $14 / $20 All I Want For Christmas Is Impeachment kit: $14 / $20 Resist and Persist Cuff kits: $14 GIFTS FOR YOUR OFFICE PAL Handy reminders - Subversive Cross Stitch sticker sheet!: $5 Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves kit: $14 / $20 Cross Stitch Name Tag kit for holiday parties (also fitting for Little Britain fans): $14 GIFTS FOR THE SNOB YOU LOVE For the important blogger - Prestigious Blog PDF pattern*: $5 Smug Karl Lagerfeld explains his attitude in this PDF pattern*: $5 Werner Herzog explains chickens with this PDF pattern*: $5 Let's face it, Hell Is Other People kit: $14 / $20 * you can purchase material, floss and needles in the Supplies section to stitch up your PDF pattern. GIFTS FOR THE CANCER SURVIVOR Long-Sleeve Fuck Cancer T-shirt: $28 Fuck Cancer cross stitch kit: $14 / $20 Fuck Cancer tote bag: $25 Pro tip: bundle all three for anyone undergoing chemo - they'll stay warm and entertained. Stabbing material repeatedly is amazingly therapeutic. GIFTS FOR YOUR BELOVED SIBLING Shut Your Piehole (or I'm telling mom!) kit: $14 / $20 (Please stop saying) Awesomesauce hoodie: $30 Bite Me cross stitch kit (Stop hitting yourself in the face!): $14 / $20 GIFTS FOR THE ASPIRING RAPPER Oh yeah, Grandmaster Flash OG lyrics in cross stitch, part 1, PDF pattern: $5 Who wouldn't want this super stylin' and hilarious Dollar Bling necklace kit: $22 It's a set! Grandmaster Flash cross stitch, part 2, PDF pattern: $5 * you can purchase material, floss and needles in the Supplies section to stitch up your PDF pattern. GIFTS FOR THE BOOK LOVER Imagine how often they'll think of you fondly. Oh My God, Becky. Look. At. Her. Book. bookmark kit: $12 Fuck Off, I'm Reading bookmark kit: $12 Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Book bookmark kit: $12 Read A Fucking Book bookmark kit: $12 GIFTS FOR THE COLLEGE KID Convivium Fornicatio...(Partying, fornication, and above all debt) PDF pattern: $5 A reminder to think outside the box, kid: Screw The Rules ruler kit: $20 The awesome Subversive Cross Stitch Coloring & Activity Book!: $14.95 GIFTS FOR THE HOLIDAY PARTY HOST Happy Fucking Holidays coasters, pack of four: $5 while supplies last Small Happy Fucking Holidays kit with frame: $15 Cross Stitch Snowflake Ornaments: $8 SUBVERSIVE GIFT CERTIFICATES! If all else fails, let THEM choose! Our Gift Certificates come in all sizes, up to $10,000 in case you win the lottery or something. DON'T FORGET TO TREAT YOURSELF, TOO! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! For your Pinterest pinning pleasure...

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