Commercial Cross Stitch work

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I cleaned up and updated my custom and commercial page today. Here are a few of the jobs I've done for fun and profit. custom commercial cross stitch 1. Billboard designed and stitched for Shiner Beer's first IPA, Wicked Ram. 2. Designed, stitched and framed work for Garden & Gun magazine, current issue. 3. Logo converted to pattern and stitched for Thrillist offices. 4. Orange Is The New Black phrase designed and stitched for Netflix social media. 5. Designed and stitched catchphrase from Broad City for a Bust magazine stitchalong. Featured in Viacom reel. 6. Designed and assembled tiny kits and stickers for subscribers of You Are Beautiful. 7. Designed, stitched and/or managed a series of tins for blueQ. 8. Designed and stitched book cover art for Heather Armstrong of, a best seller! 9. Oops, there is no 9. Dang it. 10. Designed and stitched series of cross stitch patterns exclusive to DIY Network. 11. Designed and stitched cover art for Parade magazine!

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