Black Friday and...CAROL!

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"Im VERY OFFENDED by you and other business people that think it's acceptable and evidently humorous/funny to sell/list items that include absurdities (namely the F-bomb)! There's absolutely no reason for your bad taste and ignorance by agreeing to sell this garbage! It's too bad you can't find something more tasteful than the trash you are including in your current inventory. You'll never succeed including this trash in your inventory! And we wonder why are country is in such a mess! Carol C"

I don't get much hate mail, but when I do it's pretty awesome. Like this one from CAROL. I think everyone has a Carol in their lives and what can you do but say BLESS YOUR HEART and have a little giggle at Carol's use of the word "absurdities" (I think she means "obscenities") and the hilarity of how I am what's wrong with "are" country! (reminds me of my Bad Grammar series) I posted this on Instagram and the response was HUGE, so I thought you might want to see it in case you missed it. Also, it's the reason for the promo code this Black Friday weekend: FFSCAROL - use until midnight Sunday November 25, 2018 for 20% off everything on the KITS and HOLIDAYS pages. And don't let the Carols get you down! UPDATE: I made a new design (kit and PDF) for CAROL - a reminder not to let the Carols in your life bum you out!

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