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Psst - Julie here -- I've asked the fabulous Christina Loff to introduce you to some of our very favorite stores that carry our kits. I worked with Christina on two of my books while she was with Chronicle, always wanted to work with her again, and now she's struck out on her own!

I wanted to mention here that Buck and Camp are very dear friends from waaaay back, some of the finest and kindest people you'll ever meet--and they put Marfa on the map. They started Wrong by carrying the art of friends and they've been so loyal while Wrong has grown so much! They're true blue.

Wrong is located in the small desert city of Marfa, TX which is an art hub and destination for creative folks all over the world. We're big fans of this one of a kind shop and the owners Buck Johnston and Camp Bosworth

Tell us about the origins of Wrong, when did you open the store and gallery and why? We opened in September 2010. We opened in a 300 sq. ft. retail spot across from Big Stripes in Marfa. The owner of the building approached us about doing a store to sell more of Camp’s work. We said NO initially and then she called a week later and we decided to try it out. Our goal starting was to make $100 day.

What’s behind the name of your shop? It was Camp’s idea. At the time he was doing work centered around the cartels and narco culture. Lotsa drug related stuff and works we call narco-tecture. Wrong. We’ve come to love the name. Wherever we go and tell them we own a store called Wrong they always remember it. And it’s freed us up to do whatever we want. 

You sell and show so much cool artwork - do you have a favorite piece or story behind a show you’d like to share? We love every item -- that’s why we sell it! Camp’s Drug Money is a particular favorite. It’s really the start of it all. We still laugh about selling Drug Money and it’s always a hoot when Camp heads to the studio to “make more money.” As long as Wrong exists, we will always sell Drug Money.

You have an artist residency, tell us about that program and who is currently an artist in residence. We moved out of the church space in 2019. It’s such a beautiful space and we thought it would be a good thing to open it up to other artists to use. We have a casita behind it and it works well as a live/work/exhibit space. We wanted to share it. Artist Xochi Solis just completed a residency and we are working on details for our December residency. Due to COVID, we’ve rethought the space and plan. We are planning to do one or two residencies a year and open the space up to local artists other months of the year. We are booked for the next year. 

If your shop was a person who would they be? Dale Bozzio meets Bill Murray. And not sure where that came from. Dale Bozzio! Guess it’s the pink floors.

What do you like about Subversive Cross Stitch and why is it a good fit for Wrong? There is no one more wrong than Julie Jackson. We fucking love her brain and everything she does. She absolutely delights us in every way. 

What’s Wrong with Texas? Our politics for sure! It’s a shit show in Austin. But that’s the literal Wrong. 

What’s an item from your store that everyone should have in their life? 

Drug money or a cheeseboard by Camp or a Wrong Marfa glass. 

Be sure to follow Wrong on instagram here, shop them online here, and if you are in Marfa swing by their store!


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