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Meet the creator of the Octopus pattern you love! And many more patterns available in our PDF shop (so check back!). I found the octopus on Instagram and, when it made me laugh out loud, I knew I wanted to share it with you and she was game! Here's her story:

Hey!  My name is Chrissy and I am the stitcher/creator behind stitchcraftByFwass!  

Fwass is the resurrection of an old nickname, it's as funny to say as it is to spell.  I live in the Great White North otherwise known as Canada, on an Island in the West coast of British Columbia.  It is a gorgeous place to be!  No animals in my household, but I do reside with my ten year old daughter who I fondly call my mini-me.

I learned to stitch as a teen and stopped to do teenage things.  I picked it up again a few years ago and it all came flooding back. I started stitching again to keep my hands busy and also found it to be a form of meditation I enjoyed.  I've always had a love of art and this was a medium I hadn't yet explored!  Add my wacky sense of humour and ta-da! I find that life is far better when you are laughing.

I am bursting with ideas, and there truly is inspiration everywhere!  I only wish I had eight arms to stitch all the things! 🐙

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