Tote Bag Kit: The Only Thing Holding My Shit Together is This Tote Bag

At least you won't forget where you put it! 


Carry all your stuff to the shore (or the pool, store, library...) and get to stitchin'!  This natural tote is 100% cotton from Charles Craft and the bottom is gusseted so it expands. The woven inset is 9" x 10" and overall measurements are 11” across by 16” tall. Hand washable, because sand gets in everything!


Stitched by Robin in New Zealand, who offered this tip: "And in case it's any use to you, pro tip on doing this project is to turn the pattern upside down. I am right-handed and found that I needed to keep my right hand in the bag, which meant the only logical way to work on it was (starting in the centre of course) was to hold it upside down, so reading the pattern upside down means you end up with the words right side up." 


Kit includes:

Charles Craft large tote
bamboo hoop
two needles
floss in colors as shown
instructions and full-color pattern

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