Set of 5 Handmade Floss Bobbins: Wiener Dogs

Look at these cute little pups with their tiny noses in the air, minding their own business. I would hug them if they weren't made of wood!

Dogs are hand-crafted from baltic birch wood, sanded and ready for action. Simply wind the floss around the pup's belly and secure the end in the slot below the collar. Jot down the floss color in pencil and erase for the next round!

watch animated version by Carissa Browning!

Each bobbin measures 7cm long (about 2.75 inches) and is 3cm thick (0.12 inch). LISTING IS FOR 5 DOGS (aka a moxie of doxies!)


Add a set of our DMC skeins in our SCS palette and get to hoppin'!

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