Subversive Cross Stitch Starter Pack

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The perfect gift to introduce some one to stitching or just to Subversive Cross Stitch. Or a great way for you to get started.! Included in this set:

- Official Subversive Cross Stitch canvas supplies bag (with patch!) 12" x 9"
- Five pieces of our signature die-cut fabric
- Pack of DMC embroidery floss (8 skeins) in the Subversive palette
- One pack of my favorite needles (John James size 24)
- One plastic 5" hoop
- Subversive needle-holdin' magnet

Suggested upgrades - throw in one or all of these to reach maximum velocity:

--- Some super-swell Gingher embroidery scissors.
--- A Subversive Cross Stitch gift certificate.