Stitch, Plz Stitchable Journal from Fred!

This fantastic journal has been a dream of mine for years and the team at Fred exceeded my wildest imagination. Other journals are difficult to use at best--this one is made with the stitcher in mind because the holes are just the right size and spaced well. The cover is black(!), just pliable enough to stitch comfortably, and--BONUS-- the first sheet behind it is also black to really showcase your design. The quality is just *chef's kiss* perfection and I KNOW you'll love it. It truly is a dream come true.


There are 60 dotted pages inside to help you plan your next pattern. Also included are one needle, four skeins of floss, and an instruction booklet with example patterns and designs. The journal measures 5.7" x 8" and comes in a box with everything you need! Please tag us on Instagram and show us what you do with yours! 


Design by Fred Studio in collaboration with Subversive Cross Stitch.

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