PDF You're Nobody Until Somebody Hates You / RuPaul

Ru knows the score--turn those tables and take that hate as a compliment!

I’ve been such a fan of RuPaul since his first book. I love how he writes and conveys his enthusiasm and attitude about life. It’s a mindset I try to cultivate and his new book is, of course, super inspiring. I’ve never even watched his shows on TV, but the person behind the persona has some wisdom to drop.

I chose this quote because it jumped out at me but also, lately I’ve seen too many people feeling discouraged and even ruined by haters. I don’t get a lot of haters, thankfully, but DANG, the hate is never really about you, it’s always about what’s going on with the hater. Don’t let them get you down! Charge ever onward!

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