Magic Magnetic Pick Up Wand

Attention lazy babies! Finally, a way to pick up the needles, scissors and needle minders scattered around your space--you don't even have to get up!


If you're like me, somehow there are always needles on the floor--this product made me LOL: "From the comfort of your easy chair, you can pick up your dropped needle or scissors with this Magnetic Pick-Up Wand. Extends to 24” and will pick up 10 pounds. Retracts to only 5½” long, so it is easy to store in your stitching bag or in a drawer by your favorite stitching chair." Who doesn't need that? You can use it to go fishing in your couch for things lost long ago. You can also entertain/annoy pets and/or partners. Endless possibilities, really. Picks up 10 pounds! Boggles the mind, what will you pick up? 

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