Free PDF: Isolation Update / No Pants

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OKAY. I assume you're seriously bored at home by this point, so let's try something unusual! This pattern is FREE so maybe you'll stay home to stitch it.

This pattern will end up being a little under 6" x 8" on 14-count Aida. It will fit most 5" x 5" frames. Also, I'm going to put the instructions for this project on the blog as well, because you'll probably need them. 

We've got supplies so you can use the search function at top to find those. Fabric, floss set and needles, shipped right to your door. 

Now, dig in and enjoy the process. This one's a lot of fun!

UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that Paypal says they'll charge you ONE CENT to checkout. But if you continue through the screens, that doesn't actually happen. Sorry about this weird bug, I hope you can work around it.

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Thanks for visiting us! Take care of your sweet self. xoxo