Subversive Cross Stitch Gift Combo: 2023 Wall Calendar PLUS our new Book!

Subversive Cross Stitch Gift Combo: 2023 Wall Calendar PLUS our new Book!

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Here's the perfect gift: my newest book plus 2023 calendar at a special COMBO price.


My third book of Subversive Cross Stitch in the same style format as the others with more information up front! I won't be doing any book signings in real life--these are the only copies I'll sign, and I sign my name with a heart in every copy. I appreciate your support!

From the OG of the Subversive Cross Stitch movement (and brand of the same name) comes Super Subversive Cross Stitch - Featuring 50 easy-to-make designs with brand-new patterns and fan favorites stitched together with trademark wit.

Don't freak out. Don't make this about you. May your life be as amazing as you pretend it is on Facebook. What fresh hell is this? Not today, Satan.

Super Subversive Cross Stitch is here to provide crafters with the snarky inspirations they love to stitch. The book features 50 patterns--23 brand-new designs and 27 fan favorites--along with easy-to-follow instructions for the beginner and fonts and designs for adventurous crafters looking to customize their creations. It recasts a traditional, dare we say "sentimental," craft into a modern, relevant art form. It's the latest offering in the Subversive Cross Stitch brand, beloved by legions of DIYers. Less messy than graffiti, Super Subversive Cross Stitch allows crafters to adorn walls with political sass and irreverent twists on classic quotes ("I think, therefore I drink," "Let the good times be gin").


From the true OG of the snarky embroidery movement comes the Subversive Cross Stitch 2023 Wall Calendar, featuring 12 cross-stitch patterns to use in your own subversive projects.

  • Includes 12 cross-stitch patterns to use in your own projects!
  • Bonus spread for September–December 2022
  • Generous grids for adding appointments and reminders
  • Includes major official world holidays
  • Opens to 12 inches x 24 inches

OUTSIDE THE US? It will make more sense for you to purchase the calendar in your country. I believe it should be on Amazon at least or coming soon. That's why we're shipping to US only. The size makes the cost to ship (even to our beloved Canada) just ridiculous. But you can buy it at bookstores online and IRL!