Barbie Monologue Kit

Someone suggested this and I accepted the challenge! I didn't quite finish in time for the newsletter, but I learned from my mistakes how to tell you how to succeed! The key is to start from the left and stitch left to right. It's all in the pattern! The fabric is 15" x 18". One thing to remember: Backstitching is about as close as you come to playing connect the dots with the holes in your Aida fabric. So, yes, you'll make lines that are two to four squares long, it's okay! ;)


This kit includes gorgeous faint pink fabric with lots of sparkles in it that I had shipped directly from DMC just for you! Plus three skeins of hot pink floss, a bamboo hoop and two needles. Plus pattern and instructions, of course. It's a nice long project to pass the summer hours and, if you're a fan of the monologue, a great way to absorb its meaning! 

Suggested: a water-erasable pen to track where you are. Pink scissors to spur you along! 

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