Oh, that clever Dooce

I was late-night reading while my husband slept and when I saw this and I almost screamed!

I’ve known Heather Armstrong of dooce (virtually) for years, she even wrote the Foreword to my Kitty Wigs book. When my Subversive Cross Stitch Activity and Coloring book came out earlier this year, I just couldn’t bring myself to send one to her because I know she gets SCADS of books and I hate asking friends to promote my stuff. But then she started this series about all the books she receives and donates to the library in SLC. So, I thought, Well, I’ll just touch base and let her know what I’m up to, and if my four-letter-word-laced-book sneaks its way into a library in Utah, bonus!

I also thought it would be funny to say I sent it so her kids could start practicing their curse words, I think I included a note claiming that as my purpose.

Funny how life works out – read her post to hear about the morality shenanigans my book caused, it’s pretty dang funny.

Thanks so much, Heather, I’ll be smiling about this for weeks.

Coloring and Activity Book!

Order your copy of our upcoming coloring and activity book to receive a free pack of Subversive Cross Stitch colored pencils! Order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or IndieBound and send your order confirmation to hello@weldonowen.com

They’re honoring all pre-orders with order confirmations while supplies last! Book comes out April 18th! WHEE!!


I borrowed the song from Dee-lite! Of course they have all copyrights etc. You can buy their music on Amazon, iTunes, I don’t know, I feel I need to acknowledge them so hey! The song is “Groove Is In The Heart” if you didn’t know that already. 

Big News!


It’s HERE! We’ve been working so hard on this book and I’m thrilled to finally get to share it with you! It comes out in April, but you can pre-order on our site or Amazon. If you’d like to give it as a gift, we have some cool gift cards – just ask and we can send you one to give as a “pre” gift. The gift of delayed gratification, right? There are 40 coloring pages and activities that are hilariously subversive. The illustrator is a long-time favorite of mine, the awesome Chris Piascik. I really think you’ll enjoy it. More info on the book page here.

New Book Photo


My friend & photographer Ben Britt took some more fun photos of the book. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet – future postcards? – but here’s a peek. He just set up a NSFW T-shirt shop featuring some of his photographs which include some pretty subversive onesies if you’re in the market. He photographs the Dallas burlesque scene and fantasy scenarios – not for the faint of heart!


All About The Book

I thought I’d tell you a bit more about how this book came to be, after years of patience and waiting for just the right opportunity.

When my 2006 book went out of print, I got so many emails from people asking where they could find one. Sometimes there would be used copies on Amazon or eBay but the prices were usually ridiculous. Since many of the book patterns are not available on my site, I wanted to keep all of the original patterns and build on those. And since so many people tell me that they refer to my book over and over, I felt like I needed to deliver something bigger and better on top of all that.

The new book has redesigned charts and stitch counts added (thanks to your feedback via Facebook). My contractual deal was to add 10 completely new patterns, but I felt like I could do better so I threw in 7 more patterns that are new to the book. That way, the total number of patterns is FIFTY! Plus, I added a few new alphabets and rewrote/updated the rest. And a great photo of my mom, who is my biggest inspiration in life at a very sassy age 90. Finally, I stitched a new cover at the very last minute.

My original book packager, Quirk, was bought by powerHouse books in Brooklyn, and one of my favorite people to work with (Sharyn Rosart) moved with Quirk to powerHouse. We waited for the right time to publish this book through powerHouse — they haven’t published a craft book before, they do art and photography books, so I knew they’d make it beautiful. It was important to me not to limit myself to a craft publisher because I feel like the idea of Subversive Cross Stitch goes beyond the world of craft. powerHouse pretty much let me do my own thing according to what I thought you all would like (special thanks to those of you who voiced your opinions on Facebook, that really helped!)

Our patience paid off and together, we’ve produced a book with more heft — a TOME with a heckuva lot of value — and I think it’s gorgeous. I hope you do, too!

Beginning February 17, 2015, the book will be available at Amazon and all bookstores in the US and abroad, but if you want a signed copy you should order it right here from me (because I’m far too shy to do public book signings). I’ll probably stop selling the book on my site in March. Thanks so much to those of you who pre-ordered the book, you’ll see yours soon! And thanks so much for your feedback, interest, and enthusiasm all these years. You keep me going!

Here are the 50 patterns that are in this book:

All Hat and No Cattle
Babies Suck
Be My Bitch
Because Fuck You, That’s Why
Bitch In Kitchen
Bite Me
Boo Fucking Hoo
Cheer Up, Loser
Chill The Fuck Out
Cross Bitch
Don’t Be Such A Baby
F-U-C-K Hearts
Fuck The Dumb Shit
Fuck You Very Much
Get A Life
Get Lost
Go Fuck Yourself
Happy Fucking Birthday
Happy Fucking Holidays (snowflakes)
Happy Fucking Holidays (ornament version)
Have A Nice Life
Homo Sweet Homo
I Fucking Love You
I Heart My Job
I Hope You Choke
It’s Not Mean If It’s Hilarious
Irony Is Not Dead
Is That All There Is?
Kiss Me, You Fool
Kiss My Grits
Life Sucks, Then You Die
Love Stinks
MOM Tattoo
No You Didn’t!
Please Kill Me
Rat Bastard
Suck It Up
Sucks To Be You
Tell Me I’m Pretty
This Place Sucks
Too Bad, So Sad
Welcome To Bleak House
You Can’t Make Me
You Lie Like A Cheap Rug
You Suck

Pre-ordered books come with free gift cards!

If you pre-order the new book on our site, we have these great 5″ square gift cards for you to give to the recipient for the holidays. Be sure to add one to your cart when you order the book and tell us where to send it! I added a separate page for the gift cards to make it easier and make sure you get one.

Pre-Order the New Book!

I am SO excited to finally get to tell you more about my second book of Subversive Cross Stitch! You can pre-order a copy here on our site and we can even send a special little gift card to the recipient before the holidays if it’s a gift.

Here’s the deal: the official release date is February 24, 2015, but I will have copies here to sign and ship in early February. So I thought I’d pre-sell in case you want to make it a holiday gift for someone (I mean, you can order one for yourself as well of course!). The cards are really cute–not here yet but I’ll post an image on the book page when they arrive.

This book includes all the patterns from my first book, which is out of print and I know some of you have been trying to find one. So I included everything from the first, plus added enough new patterns to make it a book of FIFTY total patterns. I redesigned all of the charts to make them easier to read and also added stitch counts for each chart. Plus, there are three alphabet charts, a DIY grid and a photo of my mom in space!

I’m really excited about it–I’ve waited four years to work with the publisher, powerHouse books, because they do beautiful work and I wanted to do a book with a company that doesn’t usually do craft books. They mostly do art and photography books.

I will have my copy in mid-December and you can bet I’ll share more images then. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details and pre-order on our site for earliest delivery. Thank you for your support and excitement, I really hope you love it!