The Perfect Gift


The perfect gift to introduce someone to stitching or just to Subversive stitching. Included in this $25 gift set are $36 worth of goodies!:

– Official Subversive Cross Stitch supplies bag (with patch!) 10″ x 19″
– Five pieces of our special die-cut material (Charles Craft 14-count)
– Pack of DMC embroidery floss (8 skeins) in the Subversive palette
– One pack of my favorite needles (John James size 24)
– One plastic 5″ hoop by Susan Bates
– Subversive needle-holdin’ magnet

Suggested upgrades – throw in one or all of these to really wow them:

— The Subversive Cross Stitch book. They can get started right away.
— Some super-swell Gingher embroidery scissors.
— A Subversive Cross Stitch gift certificate.

Want us to gift-wrap it? We can do that, we can ship to the recipient with a personalized note from you, we can even sign a book to them with your message. All you have to do is ask! We’d be happy to make it extra special for you.

Gay Wedding Samplers

gay wedding sampler cross stitchgay wedding sampler cross stitch


One of these days you’ll be invited to a same-sex wedding and, witty crafter that you are, what’s THE perfect gift? We’ve got two wedding sampler kits to celebrate the day.

Each kit comes with a complete alphabet for you to commemorate the date and names of those you love.

So not only is love winning, but so is the awesome gift-giver–YOU!

Pendant necklaces!




In my never-ending quest to find cool things for you to do…I found these nice pendants that are perfect for tiny cross stitch! We have a kit for the six sassy ones up top and a kit for the sparkly vintage monograms – you choose!

Each kit comes with patterns (all in one kit for each), material, pendant, instructions (and googly eyes on request if you plan on doing the kitty!). You choose your own colors, provide your own needle (I’m sure you have lots by now) and ribbon or chain for hanging. In this way, we keep the cost of the kit down to $12 for almost everything you need to stitch any of these dandy gems!

We also sell the pendants separately and soon I’ll have the PDFs of the charts available separately. Just search for “pendants” to see all that is available. These are SO tiny and sweet, easy to stitch and they make a great gift!

Best Shower Gift EVER

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to welcome new mothers into the fold than to give them baby bloomers that will deliver laughs for months to come. I mean, they need to remember to have a sense of humor, right?

These cotton bloomers by Charles Craft fit sizes 6-12 months and have white eyelet lace around the legs. There are three kits available: Baby Got Back, Tiny Overlord and petit tyran (little tyrant). Each kit has everything you need to stitch up the perfect gift or you can give it to any expecting mom with time to stitch it herself. Just hope she doesn’t laugh too hard or, y’know, whammo!

Please share your photos — I would have found a suitable model but I’m allergic to babies.

Happy New Mother’s Day! Good luck with that!


PDF Gift Pack is back!

Here’s a great idea either as a gift for yourself or your friends: Give ’em our PDF Gift Pack: for a flat rate of $25, you’ll get a promo code good for 10 PDFs (a $50 value). That’s enough half-price PDFs to keep you or your friend busy for months!

This year I’ve made a bunch of gift cards you can print out to give the recipient (not just for the Gift Pack, but you’ll find them all on that page.

Follow the directions here to get your PDF Gift Pack and enjoy the graphics! (there will be more).

Steal these Gift Tags!

Friday afternoon, noodling around. Decided to make these little gift tags for you to use when you buy a Subversive gift for someone. Download, enjoy, repeat.