Cross Stitch “Bombing” in Spain

I don’t know much about this except what little I could find online. Apparently it’s a cross stitch bombing in Valencia, Spain:

“Lope de Vega of Valencia Square is located in the heart of the city, between Plaza de la Reina and Plaza Redonda. Although it is small, has a significant flow of neighbors and especially tourists, they walk through the old town in groups. For several months, also it has a new attraction: a facade decorated with cross stitch.

It is the work of Raquel Rodrigo, Valencian designer, 30, who last November participated in the Festiva Intramurs. Her work decorated the facade of the store of a bar/restaurant, Ocho y Medio, in Lope de Vega square. And there it has remained since. Hundreds of tourists and locals pass by Lope de Vega square every day. And many of them are amazed at how unusual to find cross stitch decorating a wall.”

Oh, and here’s a video!

Pouches For Your Meds


I’ve finally found someone to make various products with my designs on them that I LOVE. First up, these printed neoprene bags with black zippers that are easily washable. So far I have them in a medium and large size (depending on how many meds you need!). Also, a little magnet. Who knows what’s next…stay tuned!

The Inanity of Pat Robertson


I usually ignore the hateful rhetoric of Pat Robertson, but I suppose a guy’s got to say more and more outrageous things to get any attention in the press these days (see Trump, Donald).

These two quotes made me laugh so hard because they’re just SO ludicrous on so many levels. I felt they may need to be committed to cross stitch, so here are PDFs if you feel so inspired.

To be clear, of course I’m a fan of Bowie and his departure was so elegant. But I think even he would laugh pretty hard at this level of stupidity.

Update: Boo, internet! Turns out Pat may not have said these things, exactly. But none of us doubted for a minute that he did. I think I’ll leave the patterns up!

New Studies About Cursing


New study about curse words shows “most uses of swear words are not done out of anger, but to produce positive effects, mainly humor.” Yes!!

Plus, “swearing can lower physical pain. It has a cathartic effect that enables us to react and live through pain better.” I’m telling you!! Fuck Cancer!!

Another study has found that people who swear tend to have larger vocabularies:

“The ability to generate taboo language is not an index of overall language poverty,” wrote the researchers behind a new study published in the journal Language Sciences. “A voluminous taboo lexicon may better be considered an indicator of healthy verbal abilities.”

Stated plainly, people don’t swear because they lack the words with which to express themselves. They swear because that’s how they want to express themselves — and they tend to know MORE words than people who don’t.

2016 is going to be a very good year to be Subversive.

The Perfect Gift


The perfect gift to introduce someone to stitching or just to Subversive stitching. Included in this $25 gift set are $36 worth of goodies!:

– Official Subversive Cross Stitch supplies bag (with patch!) 10″ x 19″
– Five pieces of our special die-cut material (Charles Craft 14-count)
– Pack of DMC embroidery floss (8 skeins) in the Subversive palette
– One pack of my favorite needles (John James size 24)
– One plastic 5″ hoop by Susan Bates
– Subversive needle-holdin’ magnet

Suggested upgrades – throw in one or all of these to really wow them:

— The Subversive Cross Stitch book. They can get started right away.
— Some super-swell Gingher embroidery scissors.
— A Subversive Cross Stitch gift certificate.

Want us to gift-wrap it? We can do that, we can ship to the recipient with a personalized note from you, we can even sign a book to them with your message. All you have to do is ask! We’d be happy to make it extra special for you.