Stitch Your Way To Wellness


These bold new postcards will be going out in orders soon!

SERIOUSLY, do you know how therapeutic crafting can be? I can attest firsthand to how much it helps relieve my stress, depression and ANXIETY. It’s all about FLOW–there’s just something magical about engaging your hands in stitching that lets your brain roam free. That’s one reason I constantly remind you that it’s not about perfection–who really cares how the back of your stitching looks or if you’re “doing it right”?

Stitching is all about the journey and the journey is a relaxing one. It’s good for stress, health, aging, everything. On top of that, I believe happiness comes through gratitude and giving, and nothing is quite as fun as gifting someone with your finished work–especially if it really cracks them up. Think about the last time someone gave you something handmade that made your day not only because it was funny–they thought of you and spent their free time creating something especially with you in mind. That kind of kindness means so much more than a store-bought card. It’s a true gift.

This is the whole reason I started Subversive Cross Stitch. It’s art therapy, it’s surprisingly soothing, and the end result puts a smile on other peoples’ faces. What’s better than that?

There are so many articles out there and more coming out every day. Here’s a quote for starters:

“Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say. It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.”

Read the whole article here. (CNN)

And here’s another. (New York Times)

And another. (Martha Stewart)

One more. (Washington Post)

And a TED talk.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start stitching!

Cross Stitching Overboard!


You may remember extreme stitcher Kirsty G. from my previous post. Well, I just had to share this update from her because here she is CROSS STITCHING IN THE DEAD SEA!

Yeah, I know, right?

According to Kirsty, “I carry my cross stitching with me most places (it’s a great way to pass the time) so I thought the Dead Sea was the perfect place to float and stitch.”

Because, you know, the Dead Sea. Right?

I have no words except for maybe AWESOME. What on earth is next?? Thanks, Kirsty!! I’ll think of you this summer while in my little inflatable kiddie pool!

From the Subversive Inbox

I love this note and photos from Sarah J. Fowler. Great job, too!:

I wanted to share my latest project with you as you were instrumental in pulling it together.  A little back story – ever since I saw this phrase on a cross stitch I’ve wanted to make one, it was so me.  I looked and looked and couldn’t find a pattern I liked to attach it to and then inspiration struck – make a true family heirloom!  I remembered a drawing my brother did of our parents house (which is a converted hay barn) way back in the day and thought it would be a  perfect centerpiece, but could I do it?  Could I actually design my own cross stitch?  I had put together some before, mashed up phrases and borders, but this was a whole new ball game.  I was determined and just went for it.  Using your awesome book to fill in the borders of my little sampler (thanks for the alphabets and the super topper!) and the Subversive Cross Stitch bad ass spirit, I did it, and I think it came out pretty good if I do say so.
Thanks for inspiring us fellow sassy stitchers to follow our inner crafty bitch!
Stitch on,
Sarah J. Fowler

Special Price on MOM Tattoo Kits


It’s a Subversive classic – back as a kit this year with special pricing! Only $15 for the Deluxe Kit (down from $20) and $10 for Basic Kit (down from $12). Because we love moms.

Already done this for your moms? Stay tuned, we have another kit coming soon, and there are also several Mother’s Day PDFs if you want to DIY.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th – still time to stitch something for her to hang proudly on her fridge!

Cross Stitch “Bombing” in Spain

I don’t know much about this except what little I could find online. Apparently it’s a cross stitch bombing in Valencia, Spain:

“Lope de Vega of Valencia Square is located in the heart of the city, between Plaza de la Reina and Plaza Redonda. Although it is small, has a significant flow of neighbors and especially tourists, they walk through the old town in groups. For several months, also it has a new attraction: a facade decorated with cross stitch.

It is the work of Raquel Rodrigo, Valencian designer, 30, who last November participated in the Festiva Intramurs. Her work decorated the facade of the store of a bar/restaurant, Ocho y Medio, in Lope de Vega square. And there it has remained since. Hundreds of tourists and locals pass by Lope de Vega square every day. And many of them are amazed at how unusual to find cross stitch decorating a wall.”

Oh, and here’s a video!

Pouches For Your Meds


I’ve finally found someone to make various products with my designs on them that I LOVE. First up, these printed neoprene bags with black zippers that are easily washable. So far I have them in a medium and large size (depending on how many meds you need!). Also, a little magnet. Who knows what’s next…stay tuned!