Chris Hemsworth – Sexy, sexy cross stitcher

Pardon my bad Photoshopping, but MY OH MY I couldn’t believe that the best of the Chrisses (besides my Chris) talked to W Magazine about his love for cross stitch:

“I remember doing cross stitch and for whatever reason, anything for me as a kid, I had a lot of trouble kind of focusing on one task and sitting still. I was pretty active. But anything really detailed where I had to sort of physically and mentally be involved and anything could hold my attention was a big plus for my parents, in particular. For some reason, cross stitch was one that I enjoyed.”

Yas! Cross stitch is good for all of that, you’re so right. What were you saying again? I feel faint.

As Michelle N. said on our Facebook page: “wonder how many times he got a Thor finger.” ZING!

World’s First 3-D Cross Stitch Kit

Can you believe it? This is so much fun to work on and check your progress through the enclosed 3-D glasses! I can’t even convey how cool it looks through the actual glasses in person – I put a gif on the kit page that kind of shows you, but you just have to see it for yourself.

I’ve been dying to share it with you and it’s finally here! The kit comes with everything including Charles Craft bright red fabric, DMC floss, hoop, two needles, instructions, pattern and 3-D GLASSES! So exciting!

Go grab one before they run out – and be sure to post your progress photos on social media so we can follow along. SO. MUCH. FUN!!

Oh, that clever Dooce

I was late-night reading while my husband slept and when I saw this and I almost screamed!

I’ve known Heather Armstrong of dooce (virtually) for years, she even wrote the Foreword to my Kitty Wigs book. When my Subversive Cross Stitch Activity and Coloring book came out earlier this year, I just couldn’t bring myself to send one to her because I know she gets SCADS of books and I hate asking friends to promote my stuff. But then she started this series about all the books she receives and donates to the library in SLC. So, I thought, Well, I’ll just touch base and let her know what I’m up to, and if my four-letter-word-laced-book sneaks its way into a library in Utah, bonus!

I also thought it would be funny to say I sent it so her kids could start practicing their curse words, I think I included a note claiming that as my purpose.

Funny how life works out – read her post to hear about the morality shenanigans my book caused, it’s pretty dang funny.

Thanks so much, Heather, I’ll be smiling about this for weeks.

College Series: Snarky Latin

college, latin, cross stitch

Check out our new College Series — three snappy Latin PDF pattern designs! I realize I’m mixing Greek-ish borders with Latin phrases, but that was just a pop quiz to see if you’re paying attention.

I got these phrases from the always-awesome McSweeney’s. The article by Dani Bostick is called Honest Latin Mottoes For Your Overrated University. But what do these mean?

Noli hic rem facere ridiculum =”Don’t Be An Idiot Here”.

Dormire quam superare = “To Sleep Rather Than to Excel”.

Convivium, Fornicatio, Prae Amnibus Aes =”Partying, fornication, and above all debt” .

Stitch ’em up and send ’em off to your favorite college student. It’s sure to brighten their day and confuse their peers. Your work here is done!

We Support Hurricane Harvey Pets

I don’t even know what to say about Houston. As a native Dallasite, this hits close to home. It’s heartwarming to see people helping each other when the news and the world has seemed so divisive this summer (or longer). I’m in touch with an old friend who was rescued by boat from his house, which is seems surreal.

One thing that’s been great to see are the pet rescues – have you noticed there seems to be a dog in every boat? I’m so thankful for the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act, enacted after Hurricane Katrina, that requires FEMA to include pets in evacuations. Because OF COURSE!

There are still a lot of animals of all kinds displaced by the hurricane and they need our help. I’ve decided to donate a portion of our profits from sales this Labor Day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) to help our furry friends in need. After a lot of research and advice, we’ve decided to send donations directly to Austin Pets Alive. 

Here’s a list of other places that need help, compiled by the always-trustworthy Lifehacker.

Hang in there. Hug each other. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend a little more knowing that your stitching habit is helping some animals in need!

Say It With Stitches

Sometimes I’m flummoxed by the state of the world. I’m not going to launch into a big tirade or tell you how to feel or what to believe. I’m not one to “talk politics”, but sometimes I feel truly worried for our country. When I don’t know what to do, I find stitching to be therapeutic–especially if it can also be a form of craftivism. Inspired by the actions of Sarah Corbett and the Craftivist Collective, I created this piece for you to stitch and send to anyone representing you in our current government who you feel isn’t listening. Feel free to add your own message below the design, frame it in ribbons, make it stand out–maybe, just maybe, it’ll get through. And maybe it will help you feel a bit more hopeful.



Coloring and Activity Book!

Order your copy of our upcoming coloring and activity book to receive a free pack of Subversive Cross Stitch colored pencils! Order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or IndieBound and send your order confirmation to

They’re honoring all pre-orders with order confirmations while supplies last! Book comes out April 18th! WHEE!!


I borrowed the song from Dee-lite! Of course they have all copyrights etc. You can buy their music on Amazon, iTunes, I don’t know, I feel I need to acknowledge them so hey! The song is “Groove Is In The Heart” if you didn’t know that already. 

Mindful Craftivism with Sarah Corbett

“We need to engage powerholders by listening to people we disagree with, by building bridges not walls and by being critical friends not aggressive enemies.” — Sarah Corbett

I adore and admire Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective. I’ve known her for many years but since I didn’t consider myself a craftivist until lately, I felt like I was outside looking in. Her ideas and methods of gentle protest harness the power of introverts for good. Rather than scream at those in power, she suggests gifts like the bespoke handkerchiefs she has made and hand delivered, which have resulted in heartfelt conversations with influential powerholders by engaging them face-to-face with empathic understanding. Imagine if you’re an elected official who receives a hand embroidered handkerchief with a message on it — that kind of thoughtful gesture really stands out and sticks in your mind, along with the message. Her methodology has produced some amazing results.

Her form of intimate activism feels right to me because, while I’m not totally an introvert, I could never go out in a crowd to march or protest. It’s just not me. I much prefer what Sarah calls “a thoughtful approach to mindful activism.”

I encourage you to watch the video above to learn more, and visit Sarah’s website, Craftivist Collective, for much more.

Here’s another TED Talk of hers about Gentle Protest.

And another:  A Craftivist’s Story.