My latest project: cross stitch fireplace

A while back, I saw an image on Pinterest of a pixel version of this fire and knew I had to cross stitch it–so I FINALLY got to it! It fits in our fireplace next to my fake log pillows that I love so much. After a lot of thinking and experimenting, I ended up using a large piece of black foam core and raffia in three colors. Here are some photos of the process:

I recreated the pattern in PC Stitch, then used a silver Sharpie and ruler to make a grid of dots on the back. I mapped out the colors on the back so I’d know where to drill because I wanted to make sure I didn’t make holes where there are plain black spaces. But of course I couldn’t find a drill or an icepick, so I used a nail and hammer and a cutting board (which I kind of ruined). Once I got the grid holes made, I started stitching. All I had was a big plastic needle, which sucked! A metal needle would have been better.

Then I kind of had to hold the foam core between my hands to stitch. It was like playing a harp…and it hurt my hands a LOT. Plus the raffia was kind of loud. But it’s DONE! One project down, a million more to go…

I’m looking forward to many fake-warm nights this winter.

p.s. This isn’t a pattern I’ll be selling since it’s not my original creation. I think it might even be from a video game, I’m not sure. I just wanted to share it with you in case it inspires you to do your own crazy thing! 😉

Embroider The Truth!

Thought of this last night when I couldn’t sleep. I swear, that’s when the magic happens. The insomnia magic. In the PDF shop now–probably more to come–summertime means design time!


Sorry I’m slow on the blogging thing… I promise to check in here more often and share what’s going on. Mostly it’s just freakin’ HOT in Texas right now so that kind of limits your enthusiasm once the heat hits you in the face. I am filling orders, planning for the Christmas holidays already with an awesome collaboration, wondering if I should do Halloween patterns again this year and what you might like…getting some more die-cut material in because I’ve been out and there’s a weird delay…trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…writing down new pattern ideas for when I have more time. Y’know, the usual madness. Anyway, I love hearing your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, so feel free to email me or interact in social media and speak your mind. I will blog more, I swear, and maybe even bring over some of the most popular posts from the old blog. Those were good times! Hope your summer is going swimmingly well.

Summer Freebie!

Check out this cute bottle opener! Pop it on your keychain and watch summer hijinks ensue. Don’t forget to look for a message from me in tiny print along the side. Get one free with every purchase of $30 or more, while supplies last!

Advanced Kit: Circle Fuck

New kit: Subversive is growing up! Now that you’re hooked on cross stitch, it’s time for something more challenging. This kit includes 18-count material and it is definitely a challenge. Now I know why people like sharp little embroidery scissors–I had to undo my stitches so many times… it’s kind of embarrassing to admit. This was really fun to do, but you have to pay attention! And you might need some teeny scissors like me! But I think the end result is worth it–this might be my favorite of all the things I’ve stitched (so far!).

Three MORE SCS Fonts!

I don’t know about you, but these fonts make my pattern designing SO much easier. I just open the PC Stitch version (they’re all available as PDFs or PC Stitch files) and then cut and paste the letters as I go along. I’m always looking for something like this on the web, where I don’t have to recreate the pattern by sight every time… I can’t believe I didn’t think of making these earlier. So say hello to the three latest fonts: Skinny, Scripty and Smarty!