Taking a break! (don’t miss the p.s.)

THANK YOU for the amazing holiday season, it’s been our best and biggest one in 10 years of Subversive Cross Stitch.

I am going off the grid and taking an official break as I am completely exhausted. I hope you’ll be resting as well and enjoying the offline life.

I will return to start digging through email on January 7th, 2013 and start with a clean slate. This means if you haven’t received a reply by January 11, 2013, you’ll need to write to me again as I will assume your issue has been resolved or your order has been received in the meantime.

This also means that, except for PDF orders which are sent automatically, there will be NO SHIPPING until late in the week of January 7th, 2013 beginning, as always, with Priority Mail orders.

There will be a lot to look forward to in 2013, as we continue to celebrate our 10th year in business, beginning with all-new Valentines! So stay tuned.

Thanks again for everything: your love, support, kind words, enthusiasm…you make my work so enjoyable. Happy New Year and lots of love,

p.s. We have two new flamepoint Siamese kittens who have patiently been waiting for me to stop working so we can start playing. Introducing Wedowee and Paducah!

Kit Packaging Update

For our tenth anniversary, you may have noticed the kits have been redesigned a bit. I’ve updated the look with some snazzy fonts and changed the packaging. The paper envelopes I’ve always used are not only hard to print, but they just don’t wear well, especially in shops and at craft fairs. Although I love them, I think I came up with a better solution after giving it a lot of thought.

So I’m using poly bags–but not just any poly bags: ours are made from plants, compostable and biodegradable; they contain a minimum of 60% post industrial recycled material. So, they’re not hate-able. Plus they’re resealable, so you can keep your kit together in one place as you work on it.

Everything else is the same: both kits still have a full-color pattern, instructions, thread and material. The Deluxe Kit also includes a wooden hoop and two needles. The material is 14-count silver-grade white Charles Craft, which I have professionally die-cut with zig-zag edges to prevent messy fraying. The thread is DMC six-strand cotton (so you can easily find the colors at any craft store) and the needles are size 24 tapestry.

Let me know what you think of the new look! I think it’s pretty cool and I hope you do, too!

Holiday Meme Ornaments from Steotch!

It’s HERE! The collaboration I’ve kept mum about. The kooky folks at Steotch & I came up with something different: TEN internet meme holiday ornaments!

Each kit comes with everything you need to make a nifty 3.5-inch round ornament: pattern, instructions, material, a needle, floss and the ornament itself. Each one is only $12!

Looking for a finished piece? You’ll find those over at Steotch! Along with PDFs, which will be in their shop soon.

Bring the fun and excitement of reading internet forums to your holiday decorating!  Confuse your family and friends! Make a gift for your favorite reddit addict! Instagram that shit!

Cross Stitch Wall Art from Umbra

I was absolutely delighted to accidentally find this new product from Umbra and immediately hatched a plan to spell out my favorite word on our living room wall.

Here’s the deal: these modular stitches come with a template and affix to the wall with mounting tape squares and they all come in a handy little kit, available in black or white (which can be painted any color); 40 pieces for about $20.

A few more photos of the process (it was super easy) and the fabulous outcome. Get some and show me what you do with them!


Interview with Miss Cross Stitch

I finally got around to interviewing Miss Cross Stitch and you can read the results on the Make/Craft blog! I am in awe of that girl, she inspires me.

Did You Know?* I used to be a regular columnist for Craft and even contributed to their print edition back in the day. All my previous columns are here in case you have some time to kill! 😉

*I’m thinking of starting a new thing on this blog called DID YOU KNOW?, where I take you back in time over the past 10 years to random points of possible interest. Dorky, huh? I’ll have to come up with a dorky logo for this feature. Honk!

Share on Flickr & Instagram

In case you didn’t know, we’ve had a Subversive Cross Stitch group on Flickr for years now where we hope you’ll continue to share your work. Whether it’s pieces you’ve stitched from our kits or patterns or your own original work, as long as it’s subversive it’s welcome! Here are a few of my recent favorites.

You might have noticed that the most recent photos from our Flickr group show across the bottom of our home page.

If you’re on Instagram, just tag your photos with #subversivecrossstitch so we can be wowed by your work!

New Stuff in the Supplies Shop

I finally added a few things to the Supplies shop, including this crazy vintage needle case! I’ve had a dozen of them stashed away for years, meaning to share. Then I took a look at that image the other day and thought, My God, woman! “YOU WILL LEARN TO STITCH AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!” Okay, okay! We get the message, lady! Loosen your headband!

Anyway, there are two kinds of needle holders and magnets in limited quantity, but I also added things I get asked about a lot: black material, plastic hoops, my favorite metallic gold thread and thread nippers to name a few. Plus, our custom die-cut material stock has finally been replenished, so you can buy that separately for your own projects if you’d like.

Enjoy! Also, never hesitate to let me know if there’s something you’d like to see in the Supplies shop that I haven’t thought about!