New Designs!

I’m all caught up from the last two months and there are a lot of exciting things coming soon… plus I’ve also had some time to create some new designs! Keep an eye on the NEW page for updates. I’ll start with some PDFs and there will be new kits, too! Stay tuned. Here are the first two.

New Shipping System!

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that I’m in the middle of switching over to an entirely new way of shipping, which is like an old dog learning very exhausting new tricks. The new system will ultimately streamline orders so I can deliver quicker and it will also provide tracking numbers because so many of you have asked for them.

The bad news is that shipping right now is slower than usual (though it shouldn’t be for too long). Please bear with me, I will soon be up to speed. I’ve also been sick and have had a lot of other urgent issues vying for my attention while I try to improve the service you receive and enact several future projects, all at the same time.

In the meantime: If you need something to arrive by a certain date, PLEASE email me and let me know! I’m trying not to put an auto-reply in place, but be aware that it may take me 24-48 hours to reply. I assure you this won’t last forever–soon we’ll be shipping faster than ever (once I wrap my brain around it!)

THANK YOU for your patience and understanding during our growing pains!

You Are Beautiful

I’ve been a fan and contributor to the You Are Beautiful project for years. It’s a simple message to share with the world and spread a little kindness, through various art forms and also their iconic stickers–stuck where you least expect them. I stitched this piece to celebrate their 10th year and their upcoming book which was financed through Kickstarter.

To match their sticker, I actually painted the material with silver spray paint and it worked out fine! The instructions with this pattern include tips in case you want to do the same.

The PDF pattern is FREE–spread the message with the world–You Are Beautiful! And be sure to check out their awesome website.

How’s about a logo tee?

UPDATE: I’m not selling these on this site at the moment, but stay tuned–I’m opening up a separate shirt shop with lots of designs! More to come…

Cute, huh? Now you take the all-cotton Subversive logo gal with you and strike up a conversation about your favorite subversive hobby!

And if you stay tuned to our Facebook page, you might just win one!

New pins and magnet sets!

buttons, pins, magnets, busy, beaver, subversive, cross stitch, To celebrate our 10th year in bizznass, the fine folks at Busy Beaver Buttons made these adorable pin and magnet packs for us! Squee! Want one? I’m including them for FREE in all orders over $50 beginning today (until supplies last) OR if you really want one bad you can just buy the pack here.

As you probably know, I love Busy Beaver and they’ve been doing all the buttons, pins, magnets and bottle openers that I include in orders for every one of the past 10 years. They’re great to work with and it’s fun to see them constantly expand their line.

This pack includes three 1.5″ pins and the “Fancy Fuck” piece is a magnet. They’ll be FREE with orders over $50 while supplies last, or if you can’t wait you can order one here right now. Super-collectible, don’t you think? This should be put in a time capsule and opened in 3013!

Wear them all at once and display your Subversive pride with SPIRIT! Hee!

Custom Valentine Kit for 2013!

It’s time to redirect your attention from whatever has been distracting you from the one you LOVE*

What’s been keeping you from showering your sweetheart with all the attention they deserve? Pinterest? Facebook? New technology? Liquor? Kitten videos? Now’s the time to make up for it with a custom message you stitched yourself while you thought about your love with every single “x”. Awwwww.

Available in two versions: Single Valentine Kit ($10) and Enough for Three Valentine Kit ($15) Every kit comes with a sheet of suggested words, alphabet and extra blank grid for you to plan your message. Here are a couple we created:

* (you can also create the message “I Like You..” if it’s more platonic).

Christmas Break Creation (and KITTENS!)

Over the Christmas break I read a column by Mark Morford about the whole gun debate and this phrase struck me. So I stitched it, on a doily of course.

Just getting back into the swing of things here, working on lots of stuff for our 10th year celebration. Catching up on shipping. Otherwise, it’s all kittens, kittens, kittens. We’ve named them Wedowee and Paducah!