The Inanity of Pat Robertson


I usually ignore the hateful rhetoric of Pat Robertson, but I suppose a guy’s got to say more and more outrageous things to get any attention in the press these days (see Trump, Donald).

These two quotes made me laugh so hard because they’re just SO ludicrous on so many levels. I felt they may need to be committed to cross stitch, so here are PDFs if you feel so inspired.

To be clear, of course I’m a fan of Bowie and his departure was so elegant. But I think even he would laugh pretty hard at this level of stupidity.

Update: Boo, internet! Turns out Pat may not have said these things, exactly. But none of us doubted for a minute that he did. I think I’ll leave the patterns up!

New Studies About Cursing


New study about curse words shows “most uses of swear words are not done out of anger, but to produce positive effects, mainly humor.” Yes!!

Plus, “swearing can lower physical pain. It has a cathartic effect that enables us to react and live through pain better.” I’m telling you!! Fuck Cancer!!

Another study has found that people who swear tend to have larger vocabularies:

“The ability to generate taboo language is not an index of overall language poverty,” wrote the researchers behind a new study published in the journal Language Sciences. “A voluminous taboo lexicon may better be considered an indicator of healthy verbal abilities.”

Stated plainly, people don’t swear because they lack the words with which to express themselves. They swear because that’s how they want to express themselves — and they tend to know MORE words than people who don’t.

2016 is going to be a very good year to be Subversive.

The Perfect Gift


The perfect gift to introduce someone to stitching or just to Subversive stitching. Included in this $25 gift set are $36 worth of goodies!:

– Official Subversive Cross Stitch supplies bag (with patch!) 10″ x 19″
– Five pieces of our special die-cut material (Charles Craft 14-count)
– Pack of DMC embroidery floss (8 skeins) in the Subversive palette
– One pack of my favorite needles (John James size 24)
– One plastic 5″ hoop by Susan Bates
– Subversive needle-holdin’ magnet

Suggested upgrades – throw in one or all of these to really wow them:

— The Subversive Cross Stitch book. They can get started right away.
— Some super-swell Gingher embroidery scissors.
— A Subversive Cross Stitch gift certificate.

Want us to gift-wrap it? We can do that, we can ship to the recipient with a personalized note from you, we can even sign a book to them with your message. All you have to do is ask! We’d be happy to make it extra special for you.

Billboard, The Making Of

I thought I’d share some photos of the process I used to create the Shiner billboard (see previous post). It’s always tricky to take a Photoshopped comp of artwork created by a non-stitcher graphic artist and find a way to explain what it would take to turn their comp into cross stitch, a medium that is limited by little squares. I actually enjoy this part of the process since I’ve had so much practice. This project was a very quick turnaround and, while I’m always up for a challenge, I LITERALLY stitched this in NINE straight days, working 8-10 hours a day. I thought I was calm and doing well – no cramps or neck aches at all – but when it was over I got really sick.

Here’s how it all unfolded:

Working from the comp they sent, we went back and forth on lettering – I had to create the fonts as I went along to fit to size. We tried a few options on the fabric – they wanted something that showed some texture and I think I found a good one after a few false starts. The thread color matching was fairly easy, thanks to DMC!

Happy to report they used the final art as is — no Photoshopping needed! My perfectionism came in really handy on this one. But I can’t tell you how many times I screwed up and how many stitches I had to tear out and start over…I hope this makes you feel better if you mess up.

The final product, now seen throughout major metropolises in Texas!


Lessons learned (some learned before this project, some during): Slow down; make a timeline so everyone is clear on deliverables; use thread for grid lines from the start no matter how much you’ve never ever needed them before; always estimate higher than you can even imagine it will take (thought I learned this one already); keep your mind relaxed and you won’t get aches and pains – be very mindful of this; don’t worry about how the back looks!; count three times and count again before you start a new section — walk away, breathe, look at trees, then come back and count again (I have never made so many mistakes that required tearing out and restitching whole sections). I’ve done large projects before, but I guess the realization that your work will be blown up from 24 inches long to 48 feet long is just a little intimidating!

Here’s a gallery of some other custom work I’ve done.

Stitched Billboard for Shiner


(click image to enlarge)

I did it! I stitched my first billboard! It was REALLY HARD, too. People kept honking at me, the needle was 4 feet long (and of course I dropped it), then it started raining…Okay, not really, but the canvas area for this was 24″ long and much more intense work than I’d imagined. Still, such a thrill to stitch a billboard and especially for a brand I love that’s from Texas. Also, this is Shiner’s first IPA.

There are 11 of these billboards in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and more in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Send me a photo if you see one! They’ll be going up this week. If you’re in Dallas, the most prominent one is at Central and Knox/Henderson.

Just looking at this makes me wanna take a long nap…but also, yeay!! Here’s a blog post all about what went into this project if you’d like the play-by-play.

Here’s the map of DFW billboard locations: