Subversive Tees at Threadless!

Subversive Tee




So, this is a dream come true — I’ve wanted to do Subversive T-shirts for a long time, but so many places lack in quality. Well, threadless just started these Artist’s Shops and asked if I wanted to do one! YES!! I love their shirts, so soft and all cotton, plus they were super helpful in setting up the shop, which has shirts for men and women along with prints on canvas! We’re starting with thirteen designs, some black and some white, but I plan to expand the selection and options in the future.

Some friends have offered to model and do a little photo shoot, so I’ll let you know when there are better photos besides the mock-ups. Also, here’s a little interview I did for their blog. Super exciting summery times ahead!

Totes for mah Goats


Both our natural and denim tote bags come with the free Tote Bag pattern, but did you know you can stitch any of of designs from the book or site (PDFs!) on these totes? There’s tote-ally enough room. Something to think about this summer while you tote your buns to the beach with all your stitchin’!


New Book Photo


My friend & photographer Ben Britt took some more fun photos of the book. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet – future postcards? – but here’s a peek. He just set up a NSFW T-shirt shop featuring some of his photographs which include some pretty subversive onesies if you’re in the market. He photographs the Dallas burlesque scene and fantasy scenarios – not for the faint of heart!


Mother’s Day is May 10th!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! We have three PDFs specifically for moms, but there are lots more that may be applicable depending on your mom’s sense of humor.

I love this version of the MOM Tattoo pattern stitched on black material. I always imagine saying, “Hey, mom, I got a tattoo!” then handing this to her to ease her worries.

Whatever you do, she’ll love it because you made it and you know you’re the most talented and beautiful person in the whole world. She’ll probably even hang it on the fridge.

Best Shower Gift EVER

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to welcome new mothers into the fold than to give them baby bloomers that will deliver laughs for months to come. I mean, they need to remember to have a sense of humor, right?

These cotton bloomers by Charles Craft fit sizes 6-12 months and have white eyelet lace around the legs. There are three kits available: Baby Got Back, Tiny Overlord and petit tyran (little tyrant). Each kit has everything you need to stitch up the perfect gift or you can give it to any expecting mom with time to stitch it herself. Just hope she doesn’t laugh too hard or, y’know, whammo!

Please share your photos — I would have found a suitable model but I’m allergic to babies.

Happy New Mother’s Day! Good luck with that!


Stitchalong with Bust magazine!

I’m so super-stoked about this. Bust magazine is one of my favorite things and my long-time favorite magazine. Debbie Stoller is going to host a stitchalong of a piece I created featuring the amazing gals from Broad City and one of their snappy catchphrases. It’s like a dream come true, all my favorite things!

So go sign up for the Bust enews to be the first to know — the stitchalong instructions and pattern will be posted at on Tuesday, March 17. Also, I put together a very simple supply pack in case you don’t want to run to the craft store (I did, and hated it, and got an instant headache from the piles of fresh plastic bins – ow). You can get just the basics (material, needle, thread) for five bucks or add a hoop for two dollars more.

Hope you’ll join us, it’ll be so much fun! Be sure to hashtag #buststitchalong to show us your progress.