From The Inbox: Fuck Fibro



Another great example of the healing, therapeutic power of stitching.

“I couldn’t find an appropriate place to review the Subversive Cross Stitch book, so I’d like you to know how I feel about it. A little background- I am, to my core, an angry, vulgar punk rock feminist. I was raised by bikers and my mother’s favorite story to retell about my childhood is when I got my first piece of mail and said ‘Are you fucking with me?!’ at about 2 years old.

Over the past few years I have been living with an auto-immune disease that causes constant, widespread pain. A few weeks ago I was taken out of work and placed on short-term disability while my doctors and I try some new medications and therapies. I thought this to be the perfect opportunity to bust out my book and get cross stitching.

I can’t put into words how calming, helpful and therapeutic this has been for me. Finding something to distract me from my constant struggle, while still feeling like I haven’t completely abandoned my punk rock roots. This is EXACTLY what I needed. So thank you. Thank you for being brilliant and awful and hilarious and vulgar! But mostly for sharing your amazing ideas and work with the world!

With Great Appreciation,
Jenn F. from Buffalo, NY”

How the tees are made

photo 1 photo 2

Yesterday, I blogged about the cute boys in our tshirts, now meet the cute girls their hearts belong to! Here are my besties Erin and Nikki demonstrating how the tees are made – with lovin’ care just for you from threadless! Erin (at left) is sporting one of the ladies’ tees with her dainty apron and, as you can see, it’s more tailored and fitted if that’s your thang. Nikki is wearing a regular medium men’s tee. Different styles for different cuties! Get yours here from threadless!


Gay Wedding Samplers

gay wedding sampler cross stitchgay wedding sampler cross stitch


One of these days you’ll be invited to a same-sex wedding and, witty crafter that you are, what’s THE perfect gift? We’ve got two wedding sampler kits to celebrate the day.

Each kit comes with a complete alphabet for you to commemorate the date and names of those you love.

So not only is love winning, but so is the awesome gift-giver–YOU!

Pendant necklaces!




In my never-ending quest to find cool things for you to do…I found these nice pendants that are perfect for tiny cross stitch! We have a kit for the six sassy ones up top and a kit for the sparkly vintage monograms – you choose!

Each kit comes with patterns (all in one kit for each), material, pendant, instructions (and googly eyes on request if you plan on doing the kitty!). You choose your own colors, provide your own needle (I’m sure you have lots by now) and ribbon or chain for hanging. In this way, we keep the cost of the kit down to $12 for almost everything you need to stitch any of these dandy gems!

We also sell the pendants separately and soon I’ll have the PDFs of the charts available separately. Just search for “pendants” to see all that is available. These are SO tiny and sweet, easy to stitch and they make a great gift!

Subversive Tees at Threadless!

Subversive Tee




So, this is a dream come true — I’ve wanted to do Subversive T-shirts for a long time, but so many places lack in quality. Well, threadless just started these Artist’s Shops and asked if I wanted to do one! YES!! I love their shirts, so soft and all cotton, plus they were super helpful in setting up the shop, which has shirts for men and women along with prints on canvas! We’re starting with thirteen designs, some black and some white, but I plan to expand the selection and options in the future.

Some friends have offered to model and do a little photo shoot, so I’ll let you know when there are better photos besides the mock-ups. Also, here’s a little interview I did for their blog. Super exciting summery times ahead!

Totes for mah Goats


Both our natural and denim tote bags come with the free Tote Bag pattern, but did you know you can stitch any of of designs from the book or site (PDFs!) on these totes? There’s tote-ally enough room. Something to think about this summer while you tote your buns to the beach with all your stitchin’!


New Book Photo


My friend & photographer Ben Britt took some more fun photos of the book. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet – future postcards? – but here’s a peek. He just set up a NSFW T-shirt shop featuring some of his photographs which include some pretty subversive onesies if you’re in the market. He photographs the Dallas burlesque scene and fantasy scenarios – not for the faint of heart!