Chris Hemsworth – Sexy, sexy cross stitcher

Pardon my bad Photoshopping, but MY OH MY I couldn’t believe that the best of the Chrisses (besides my Chris) talked to W Magazine about his love for cross stitch:

“I remember doing cross stitch and for whatever reason, anything for me as a kid, I had a lot of trouble kind of focusing on one task and sitting still. I was pretty active. But anything really detailed where I had to sort of physically and mentally be involved and anything could hold my attention was a big plus for my parents, in particular. For some reason, cross stitch was one that I enjoyed.”

Yas! Cross stitch is good for all of that, you’re so right. What were you saying again? I feel faint.

As Michelle N. said on our Facebook page: “wonder how many times he got a Thor finger.” ZING!