Cross Stitching Overboard!


You may remember extreme stitcher Kirsty G. from my previous post. Well, I just had to share this update from her because here she is CROSS STITCHING IN THE DEAD SEA!

Yeah, I know, right?

According to Kirsty, “I carry my cross stitching with me most places (it’s a great way to pass the time) so I thought the Dead Sea was the perfect place to float and stitch.”

Because, you know, the Dead Sea. Right?

I have no words except for maybe AWESOME. What on earth is next?? Thanks, Kirsty!! I’ll think of you this summer while in my little inflatable kiddie pool!

From the Subversive Inbox

I love this note and photos from Sarah J. Fowler. Great job, too!:

I wanted to share my latest project with you as you were instrumental in pulling it together.  A little back story – ever since I saw this phrase on a cross stitch I’ve wanted to make one, it was so me.  I looked and looked and couldn’t find a pattern I liked to attach it to and then inspiration struck – make a true family heirloom!  I remembered a drawing my brother did of our parents house (which is a converted hay barn) way back in the day and thought it would be a  perfect centerpiece, but could I do it?  Could I actually design my own cross stitch?  I had put together some before, mashed up phrases and borders, but this was a whole new ball game.  I was determined and just went for it.  Using your awesome book to fill in the borders of my little sampler (thanks for the alphabets and the super topper!) and the Subversive Cross Stitch bad ass spirit, I did it, and I think it came out pretty good if I do say so.
Thanks for inspiring us fellow sassy stitchers to follow our inner crafty bitch!
Stitch on,
Sarah J. Fowler