Free Stitching Therapy


If you were a fan of The Colbert Report, Stephen brought back the “old Colbert” this week for a segment of The Word and the word was Trumpiness. This pattern is FREE because right now I think we all need a little stitching therapy. Enjoy the irony, if you can muster up the humor!

This is a play on Colbert’s creation over 10 years ago, Truthiness, which we stitched for him and he hung in his office.

p.s. This is NOT me getting involved in politics, just offering a therapeutic way to endure all the hatred out there right now.

Time For Courage and Love


Lately the climate out there has been scary, with all the violence in the world plus kooky politics. It’s easy to shrink back in fear and become outraged or hateful. But I say FUCK FEAR! Be courageous instead.

Dallas, my beloved home town, is filled with so much love right now. People have been standing in line all week in the Texas heat to hug cops. The Texas heat!! Feels like 105 degreees! Black Lives Matter protestors and counter protestors — guys in cowboy hats with guns wearing confederate flag T-shirts! — came together and made peace in a group hug (see it on

All the anger out there comes from fear and I say FUCK FEAR! What the world needs now is LOVE, sweet love. So if you need something therapeutic to help you through this summer, stitch one of these up yourself!